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Aluminium bifold doors aren’t just the most popular external door on the market. They’re the most elegant. And you can see why: when you install aluminium folding doors, you’ll create an enormous transition between the interior and exterior of your home. Dramatic, climactic, and striking, aluminium bifold doors create an experience you’ll never forget.

But now, with the Deceuninck aluminium bifold door systems, you’ll have a sleek, slim look with superior design quality. Don’t forget about the incredible energy efficiency you can get. Aluminium is a top grade weather resistant material, meaning that you won’t have to worry about water ingress or mould. Choose elegance and style when you choose aluminium bifold doors.

Energy Efficiency

We know that aluminium is one of the most energy efficient materials on the market. All of our systems are designed with multiple chambers in the folding door profile to reduce draughts.

You can choose the glass thickness you want for your aluminium folding doors when you install them with us. Whether 12mm or 62mm glass, we offer double and triple glazing, to improve the life of your folding doors and your home’s energy rating.

Slim Sightlines

Choose the delicate yet bold aluminium bifold doors. Because of its high strength to weight ratio, aluminium offers you the slimmest sightlines. You’ll be able to choose the frame size that suits your home.

And the invisible drainage contributes to the sleek look of these doors. Hidden in the frame profile, the drainage elements create an even slimmer and sleeker look. Your folding patio doors will look clean and elegant in your comfortable home.

Environmentally Friendly

One of the best things about aluminium is that it can be recycled while still retaining its properties. In fact, most companies recycle some part of the aluminium within their frames.

Of course, our suppliers use only new aluminium for the toughest part of the exterior to ensure safety and quality standards. As recycling technology improves, you can feel proud that your aluminium bifold door won’t contribute to global waste.

Weather Resistant

Aluminium bifold doors are resistant to wind, rain, and draughts. And because aluminium is highly resistant to temperature fluctuations and potential warping. This contributes to their longevity and improved energy ratings.

With our colour powder coatings, your aluminium bifold doors will resist colour fading and improve the rain resistance of the material overall. Finally, aluminium is easy to clean, meaning you’ll have less mess. Choose the best material for the least maintenance.

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Aluminium Bifold Door Prices Barnsley & South Yorkshire

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Check Out The Extra Options




Our suppliers offer a select number of classic and modern colours for your next aluminium bifold door installation. Don’t hesitate to look through our options.

White Grain Casement Window

White Grain

Golden Oak Casement Window

English Oak

English Oak Casement Window

Irish Oak

Irish Oak Casement Window

Golden Oak

Classic Cream Casement Window

Classic Cream

Chartwell Green Casement Window

Chartwell Green

Agate Grey Casement Window

Agate Grey

Grey Aluminium Colour Casement Window

Grey Aluminium

Black Ash Casement Window

Black Ash

Anthracite Grained Casement Window

Anthracite Grained

Anthracite Smooth Casement Window

Anthracite Smooth

Nut Tree Casement Window

Nut Tree

Rosewood Casement Window




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D&I offers aluminium entrance doors, aluminium patio doors, as well as composite front doors, French doors, and uPVC patio doors.

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