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Are you searching for a way to upgrade your existing back doors? Look no further than our selection of patio doors! Sliding doors are an excellent way to let in natural light while maintaining the energy efficiency of your Huddersfield home. Our patio doors will give your property greater visibility and can be customised to your unique needs. Take the plunge and transform your house today with our stylish range of patio doors. 

If you’re looking to enhance the value and aesthetic of your home, D&I has a number of choices for you when it comes to patio doors. Our uPVC styles provide weather-resistance, hassle-free cleaning and a multitude of colour options – making them an ideal low-maintenance solution whether you’re replacing existing doors or installing a brand new set.

Sliding doors are the perfect way to watch over your garden from your home in Huddersfield. Our uPVC patio doors bring an easy and smooth transition between the home and outdoor area, allowing you to create precious memories with your family.

Soft Close

Installing our patio doors means you can look forward to a much quieter living space – thanks to our innovative anti-slam Soft Close technology. This amazing feature puts safety first. 

Soft Close technology can help to protect your Huddersfield home from the damage that can be caused by excessive force when opening and closing doors. The small cushion at the end of the sash helps to slow the momentum of the door and decrease both noise and safety risks.

Lowered Thresholds

Government standards are constantly increasing in order to promote greater accessibility. All newly-constructed buildings and certain renovations must incorporate features that facilitate easier entry or movement for people with limited mobility.

To help safeguard your family and ensure that your patio doors remain functional for years to come, we recommend taking advantage of lower thresholds. Removing tripping hazards such as heightened thresholds, rugs, chairs and uneven stairs is especially important for younger children, seniors and those with mobility issues. Pick a wise home improvement solution for your property with D&I.

Multiple Sashes

Would you like us to install 2, 3, or 4 panels for your upcoming uPVC patio door project? For larger areas that need more coverage, we offer triple track patio door systems with multiple panes for the highest quality door solution.

If you want to create an extended living space, our double door sashes allow you to do just that. With these sashes, you can create larger gaps between your living area and the garden, perfect for special gatherings such as family parties, BBQs and reunions. At D&I, we offer a selection of options to help you achieve the look you want.


If you’re looking to maximise your home’s thermal efficiency, then our uPVC patio doors are the perfect choice. With a U-value of as little as 1.4W/m2K when upgraded to triple glazing, our doors will surely give your energy rating an impressive boost.

If you take a look at our product brochures on our website, you will see that our patio door models have been exhaustively checked for air tightness, water tightness and water resistance to make sure they meet the highest British standards. Trust in our quality installations here at D&I.

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uPVC Patio Door Prices in Huddersfield

Our online quoting engine can help you correctly price a completely bespoke uPVC patio door installation. You can choose from the total number of sashes, the glazing type, glass thickness and colour finishes.

If you are searching for a specific home improvement solution, our online quoting engine is a great place to start. It will provide you with the initial information you need and the steps to follow for successful completion of your project.

Start your journey with D&I Windows today and get in touch with a friendly member of our team. We are more than happy to answer any questions or queries you have. Give us a call on 01226 280380 or use our online contact form- we’re happy to talk through any project in Huddersfield with you!

Check Out The Extra Options




If you’re looking for the perfect uPVC patio door, D&I has a great selection of colours to choose from. Our classic and contemporary shades, such as Anthracite Grey, will help you find the perfect fit for your place. Explore our colours below.

White Grain Casement Window

White Grain

Golden Oak Casement Window

English Oak

English Oak Casement Window

Irish Oak

Irish Oak Casement Window

Golden Oak

Classic Cream Casement Window

Classic Cream

Chartwell Green Casement Window

Chartwell Green

Agate Grey Casement Window

Agate Grey

Grey Aluminium Colour Casement Window

Grey Aluminium

Black Ash Casement Window

Black Ash

Anthracite Grained Casement Window

Anthracite Grained

Anthracite Smooth Casement Window

Anthracite Smooth

Nut Tree Casement Window

Nut Tree

Rosewood Casement Window


Trade Door


If you’re a tradesperson looking for uPVC patio doors, our Huddersfield team is here to help! We enjoy good relationships with installers in the area and would be happy to discuss your needs. Give us a call today.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that hasn’t been answered here, we are eager to help. Contact us either through our online form or by phone and our team will be happy to assist you.

Can you paint uPVC patio doors?

Yes, it is technically possible to paint uPVC patio doors, however, we advise against doing so. Painting uPVC is tricky as the material is not conducive to paint and can leave brush marks. Also, in harsher weather conditions the paint can crack. Attempting to paint a newly installed uPVC door can be especially difficult as the resin contained in the material can prevent the paint from properly bonding to the surface. To ensure that you have the colour you desire without compromising the lifespan of your door, we offer a variety of weather-proof and long-lasting paint options.

Who are your suppliers for uPVC patio doors?

How are uPVC patio doors made?


uPVC Patio Doors Brochure

If you’re looking for more technical information about uPVC patio doors, our brochure has details such as sash sizes, number of rails, U-values, and more.

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