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What Are The Most Secure Doors


At D&I, we offer a range of highly secure doors. We understand that the security of your home and the safety of your loved ones is a top priority; that is why we install high quality and robust doors for our customers. We use top quality materials to ensure that all of our doors can withstand strong forces of all kinds. This article will highlight the doors that provide the ultimate security for your home.

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Aluminium Doors

Our range of aluminium doors provides exceptional security whilst adding a modern touch to your home. Aluminium is one of the most durable materials on the market, which means it can endure harsh weather conditions or attempted break-ins with minimal damage. Aluminium is corrosion resistant, which means it can withstand all weathers whilst maintaining its inherent strength. So your doors can remain looking stylish and untouched whilst still protecting you for many years to come.

Our range of aluminium doors includes aluminium bifold doors, entrance doors and patio sliding doors. Our aluminium entrance doors are the most secure of this range; all of our aluminium entrance doors come with a Winkhaus AV2 Slam Lock, which makes sure that once your door is such, it is locked immediately. Even if you forget to lock your door behind you, we have got you covered. These doors also come with anti snap, anti drill/pick and anti bump security systems to ensure maximum security in your property so you can have peace of mind that your home and loved ones are safe at all times. 

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Composite Doors

At D&I, we offer highly secure and robust composite doors that add an elegant and classic look to your home. Our composite doors are designed with security in mind. Composite doors fuse multiple materials to create an entry with inherent durability. Our composite doors combine both a timber core and a uPVC outer skin to give you the benefits of both materials. Timber is a highly durable and thick material that serves as a mighty barrier between the outside and your home to protect your property. The uPVC external layer will work as an added barrier to protect your door from any damage or weathering; this ensures your door won’t warp, crack or rot so it can stay in top condition and continue to do its job of protecting you. 

Not only are our composite doors highly secure, but they also come with numerous other benefits. It works as an excellent insulator to keep your home warm and cosy and will reduce noise pollution, too, to create a private and quiet space. 

We work with Solidor who are a market leading door manufacturer to ensure that we provide our customers with the very best doors on the market. These doors are 10% thicker than competitors and come with multi point locking systems which makes them impressive when it comes to security. When you choose our Solidor composite doors, they come with Ultion locks as standard. To guarantee the quality of these locks, Ulition offers a £2000 guarantee that their locks won’t snap. The Avantis lock is one of the best of its kind; it is the first lock with a 25mm triangulated deadbolt for improved compression when closing.

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Double Or Triple Glazed Windows

With our doors, you have the option to integrate double glazing into them; our double glazing is highly durable and almost impossible to break, making it the ideal way to secure your home. Double glazing works by combining two layers of thick glass panes between air tight gaps that work as insulators to slow down heat transfer. Due to the two wide panels and the air bubbles, they work as shock absorbers to reduce any impact on it. 

We also offer triple glazing within our doors for ultimate security; triple glazing is similar to double glazing; however, it includes an extra layer of glass, hence the name triple glazing. Triple glazing is an excellent choice if you are worried about security in your home; due to its added layer of thick glass, it works as an extra layer of protection, making it an incredible investment in your home. When you install triple glazing you can ensure that your home will deter any burglar or breakin attempts as triple glazing cannot be broken. 

At D&I home improvements, we are FENSA, Which? Trusted Trader and Federation of Master Builders approved business, so you can be assured that the quality and security of our work is of the highest standard. You can trust that all our installations follow all building and council regulations.

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