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Garden Rooms Barnsley

Benefits of Garden Rooms

  • Versatile Space
  • Over 10 years of experience
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Added value to your home
  • Expand your living space

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Garden Rooms
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Fully Customisable

One of the most appealing aspects of garden rooms is their customisability. From the size and shape of the structure to the type of windows and doors, you can tailor every aspect of your garden room to suit your needs and preferences. We understand that every homeowner has unique requirements and tastes. That’s why we offer a wide range of customisable options for our garden rooms, allowing you to design a space that truly reflects your style and meets your needs.

Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is a crucial consideration when designing a garden room. An energy-efficient garden room not only helps reduce your carbon footprint but also saves you money on heating and cooling costs. We incorporate energy efficiency into our garden room designs. We use high-quality insulation and double-glazed windows to ensure your garden room stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer, reducing your energy consumption and making your space comfortable all year round.



Due to the unpredictable British weather, it’s essential to have a garden room that can withstand different weather conditions. A weatherproof garden room will protect you from the elements, ensuring you can enjoy your outdoor space regardless of the weather. We design and build weatherproof garden rooms that can stand up to Barnsley’s weather. We use robust materials and incorporate features like weather-resistant seals and drainage systems to ensure your garden room remains dry and comfortable in all seasons.

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High Quality Garden Rooms

Garden rooms are a fantastic addition to any home, offering a unique space that blends the comfort of indoor living with the beauty of the outdoors. These versatile structures can serve as home offices, art studios, relaxation spaces, or even guest rooms, providing a tranquil retreat right in your backyard. If you’re considering adding a garden room to your property in Barnsley, look no further than us here at D&I Home Improvements.

The quality of your garden room’s construction and design significantly impacts its longevity, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. A well-built garden room can provide years of enjoyment, while a poorly constructed one may require frequent repairs and maintenance. Continue entertaining all year round no matter the weather with our energy efficient and high quality designs. Here at D&I Home Improvements, we are committed to delivering high quality garden rooms. We use top grade materials and employ skilled craftsmen to ensure every garden room we build is durable, functional, and beautifully designed.

Easy And Secure Garden Building

Our garden rooms come with our incredible range of uPVC or aluminium windows and doors which are designed to be extremely secure and robust, keeping you and your loved ones safe at all times. Not only are our windows and doors made from robust and premium materials but they also come with multi point locking systems which ensure that when your windows and doors are shut they cannot be opened by any potential intruders.

Our garden rooms can be installed within as quickly as a week, so you can make your garden transformation dreams become a reality in no time. Our expert team can fit your garden room quickly and efficiently with minimal disturbance to your home. Our garden rooms are built with ground screw systems that help to quickly install your garden room ideal for even the most uneven surfaces, if you end up moving it is simple to relocate your garden room.

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Garden Rooms Door Prices

If you’re considering adding a garden room to your Barnsley home, get in contact with D&I Home Improvements. With our commitment to quality, customisability, and energy efficiency, we can help you create a garden room that you’ll love for years to come. To learn more about our garden rooms or to schedule a consultation, please contact us. We’re always here to answer your questions and help you bring your garden room vision to life. Why not try our free online quoting engine to get an idea of costs?

Feel free to call us on 01226 280380 to discuss your project in more detail, or use our online quoting engine to receive a free bespoke composite door quote based on your specifications.

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