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New Aluminium Flush Windows for Your Next Installation

As homeowners prioritize energy efficiency for their properties, upgrading their windows is often the first step. For maximum energy efficiency, consider our aluminium flush windows, which are known for their excellent thermal performance. In cold northern climates, preventing draughts and condensation is crucial, making aluminium casement windows the ideal choice for both new builds and renovations!

At D&I Windows, we offer high-quality aluminium casement windows in both top hung and side hung styles that come with competitive prices.

Our services cater to esteemed clients in Huddersfield and its surrounding areas, and we always value feedback from our customers! Contact us today to learn more about our top-quality aluminium flush windows.


Tight Corners

Sheerline’s state of the art construction means that the screws are placed inside the mitre joints, creating perfect 90° angles without any protrusions. These windows are perfect for refurbishment because they are easily adjustable.

What truly makes these corners special is that they seal in the glass to create a ‘beadless’ window, making it more difficult for intruders to remove the glass. Your home will have security and perfection with these aluminium flush windows.

Ultra Secure

No window would be complete without improved security. That’s why we make sure that we have multi point locking systems available. Ensure that your home and family are safe using the newest materials and strongest locks.

These aluminium flush windows are made with extra space in the frame for ease of installation with multi point locks. These locks won’t protrude from the frame and ruin your lovely sightline. Instead, you’ll have aesthetic and secure windows for your home.

Energy Efficient

As window installers, we know that single glazing is outdated and inefficient. That’s why we use double glazing, to ensure your home improvement process is as environmentally friendly as possible. With double glazed aluminium casement windows, your U-values can be as low as 1.4 W/m2K, better than government standards.

Keep the draughts and moisture out of your home when you choose these improved aluminium windows. With polyamide thermal breaks that help ‘break’ heat loss, you’ll have better insulation than ever. If you think that’s great, wait until you hear about triple glazing!

Sleek Sightlines

Aluminium is one of the best materials on the market for its thermal efficiency and low maintenance. But because of its incredible strength, manufacturers can use even less material. With smaller, sleeker frames, homeowners have a modern look.

Or you can choose one of our woodgrain finishes to maintain a traditional home, allowing your home to get both thermal efficiency and aesthetic pleasure. Improve the appeal of your home with the simple addition of our aluminium flush windows!

double glazing barnsley

Aluminium Casement Window Prices in Huddersfield

Aluminium is widely recognized as a premium material due to its durability, high thermal efficiency, and exceptional strength. Your Huddersfield home needs to take advantage of this too.

At D&I Windows, we offer aluminium flush windows with minimal sightlines and full recyclability, providing a long-lasting and cost-effective solution for your home.

Don’t wait any longer! Try our online quoting engine to get an estimate for your new aluminium casement windows.

If you need help deciding, our team is always ready to assist you. Contact us through our online form or by phone to learn more about the benefits of installing aluminium casement windows in your home today!

Check Out The Extra Options




We offer aluminium casement windows in 8 different powder coatings. There are also dual colour options with a high gloss white exterior.

White Grain Casement Window

White Grain

Golden Oak Casement Window

English Oak

English Oak Casement Window

Irish Oak

Irish Oak Casement Window

Golden Oak

Classic Cream Casement Window

Classic Cream

Chartwell Green Casement Window

Chartwell Green

Agate Grey Casement Window

Agate Grey

Grey Aluminium Colour Casement Window

Grey Aluminium

Black Ash Casement Window

Black Ash

Anthracite Grained Casement Window

Anthracite Grained

Anthracite Smooth Casement Window

Anthracite Smooth

Nut Tree Casement Window

Nut Tree

Rosewood Casement Window


Trade Door


D&I Windows doesn’t exclusively serve residential homes. If you’re a trade professional seeking aluminium casement windows in Huddersfield, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team. Contact us today and let’s discuss your requirements!

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that our frequently asked questions help you resolve any problems you might have. If you have more questions, contact our team today through form or phone. 

Where does D&I install?

D&I works in Huddersfield, from our base all the way up to Leeds. You can get in contact with us to see if we install aluminium casement windows in your area.

What’s the difference between aluminium and uPVC?

What is a mitre joint?


Aluminium Casement Windows Brochure

Our brochures offer more technical specifications, like sash size, glazing, U-values and more. Take a look at the aluminium casement windows specifications.

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