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Why Choose CompDoor Composite Doors?

When you invest in a new door, you want to be confident in its durability and performance. CompDoor doors are designed with a 48mm solid timber core and a market leading TriSeal frame which works to protect the timber core, making it a sturdy barrier to entry and a formidable defence for your home. With over 250 colour combinations, a highly insulated core, and an outstanding 1.4 W/m²K U-value, CompDoor doors are the epitome of quality and performance, setting them apart from the rest.

Superior Security

Security is a top priority, and CompDoor doors deliver. Your peace of mind is our top priority.  With CompDoor composite doors, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home is secure. CompDoor doors feature a highly advanced secure multi point locking system, ensuring the safety of your property and loved ones. These locks ensure that once your door is shut all corners of your door are fully secured and there are no points for potential intruders to take advantage of. All locks are compliant with PAS 23:2016 security standards, providing you with the utmost protection. Our CompDoors feature the ABS three star rated locks that are approved by the Police security backed Secured by Design which is tested by the Master Locksmith Association.

Customisation Options

At D&I Home Improvements, we understand that every homeowner has unique preferences and requirements. That’s why CompDoor offers an extensive range of customisation options. Choose from 250 stunning colour combinations for your composite door, and for added versatility, you can even opt for dual colours, allowing you to have different colours for the interior and exterior of your home. With chamfered or sculptured frames, you can add colour accents to compliment your personal style and your home’s character.

Energy Efficient

CompDoor composite doors are designed to keep your home comfortable and energy efficient. With a 48mm solid timber core and a remarkable 1.4 W/m²K U-value, these doors provide excellent insulation that keeps the warmth you produce inside your home and the cold air outside, reducing heat loss and lowering your energy bills.

CompDoor is committed to sustainability. Unlike other suppliers that use foam cores, CompDoor’s timber cores are responsibly sourced and environmentally friendly. They not only provide excellent insulation and weather resistance but can also be recycled, reducing waste and landfill impact.


CompDoor doors are built to last. With a 48mm solid timber core, they are 10% thicker than their closest competitor, providing superior strength and resistance against impacts and intrusion. Ensuring that you and your loved ones feel safe at all times. Additionally, the market-leading TriSeal frame ensures maximum durability and longevity making sure that your doors will stay in top condition no matter the weather. 

Composite Doors


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CompDoor composite doors offer a wide range of colours, glazing options and designs to suit any home aesthetic. Choose from our wide range of colour options for a seemless addition to your home. From traditional and cottage door designs to stable doors, French doors, and the modern Italia collection featuring contemporary designs and geometric shapes, you’ll find the perfect door to complement your property. 



Luxury Chartwell Green

Chartwell Green

Luxury Duck Egg Blue

Duck Egg

Luxury French Grey

French Grey

Luxury Irish Oak

Irish Oak

Luxury Painswick


Luxury Peacock Blue

Peacock Blue

Midnight Grey

Midnight Grey

Premium Anthracite Grey

Anthracite Grey

Premium Cream


Premium Foiled White

Foiled White

Premium Golden Oak

Golden Oak

Premium Rosewood


Premium Schwarzbraun


Ruby Red

Ruby Red

Standard Black


Standard Blue


Standard Green


Standard White




Twilight Grey

Twilight Grey





We are proud to work with tradespeople in South Yorkshire. If you’re a professional in the trade industry and looking for CompDoor composite doors, get in touch with our friendly team. We offer competitive trade prices and exceptional service to ensure your projects are completed to the highest standards.


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What are composite doors?

Composite doors consist of two materials that work together to provide an extremely solid and durable front door. Our composite doors from CompDoor feature a solid timber core and a TriSeal frame protective outer coating which is highly weatherproof.

What accessories do CompDoors offer?

Why choose composite doors?


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